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Learn the no nonsense approach to the psychology of sales and marketing. Get more clients and make more sales without going to pieces.

People start small businesses for a wide variety of reasons but very few start businesses so that they can learn how to become experts in sales and marketing. Our lives are stressful enough, what with this whole virus thing, the economy, certain world leaders, certain family members, and getting through all the business admin without having to give up our weekends.

Let me take the stress and learning curve out of getting new clients and more sales. With short, actionable, techniques, advice and guidance, you will be able to put a plan into place that will multiply your customers, increase the value of the customers you already have, and allow you to get back to the things you enjoy doing best (for example, NOT sitting through hours of boring sales and marketing training).

I can´t solve all your problems, but maybe, just maybe I can make your business a little more successful and a little more fun.

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About Ross

Ross is a small business sales and marketing coach.
Early in his career, he spent way too many years in corporate sales, selling software to large business customers.
Before, during, and after his corporate sales career, he has started a number of small businesses. Some of them failed, some of them were successful and some of them even got sold. His most recent venture involved running sales and marketing campaigns for various small and medium-size businesses.
After all of this, he realised that what he really loves and has a talent for is coaching and teaching small business owners how to grow their businesses. He has decided to make this his full-time career going forward.
He currently helps hundreds of small business owners to understand the psychology behind sales and marketing, so they can quickly learn to get new customers and retain and increase the value of the customers they already have.
He doesn’t always talk in the third person. If you catch him doing it, remind him that he isn’t that big of a deal and he should stop it immediately.

Here are just a few of the places where Ross has not been featured:


Wow, well done for scrolling this far. You either like what you see or are my mom. Hey mom, did you see the pictures from the photoshoot I did for this website? Kinda cheesy but it was fun and I don´t look that awful, like in some of our family photos. Did Kerry text you? She is looking for that chicken recipe you were talking about.

Who you are

You are a small business owner. You started your business because you have a passion for your customers, your products or your services.

You run the business yourself or with a small team, none of who are sales or marketing experts. You don´t have the time or desire to become a sales and marketing wizard yourself but you do want to learn how to increase your revenue and income without having to work harder or more hours.

Work smarter, not harder

Become a trusted resource

Learn how to build relationships with your clients and prospective clients so they think of you first when they are ready to buy

Increase your profit

By learning exactly which marketing and sales techniques work, and which don´t. There is no longer a need for you to just guess if something works.

Cut the time you spend on sales and marketing

You should be spending less time on sales and more time on the product and on the client. .

A better Success Rate

Learn to know when a sale will close and when and why it won´t. You will no longer spend money trying to close sales or win customers that you have no chance of winning.