Hi, I’m Ross Hargreaves.

Learn the behaviour that drives people to buy and you will have potential clients begging to buy your products.

How you can get devoted buyers

Like me, as a small business owner, you probably don’t have the unlimited financial and marketing resources of well-known brands like Apple. You also don’t have the time or patience to decipher the myriad consumer behaviour analysis reports that can be found on Google. You just want someone to help break it all down into simple to manage, simple to follow steps on how you can get devoted buyers who keep coming back to buy more of your products.

Luckily, you have stumbled across the right place. Here are some quick ways and possible changes you can make that will increase customer satisfaction, the buying process and get devoted buyers. Here are some things to think about when trying to get devoted buyers:

Are your products, and the way you communicate them, done with your customers in mind?

This seems like such a simple concept and yet so many small businesses get this wrong. You may have a good product but does it solve your customers’ problems? You may have a flashy website but does it speak your customers´ language and is it actually useful to them? You may be talking to your customers but are they actually listening?

Are you only communicating with your customers or prospects when want to make a sale?

Don’t be like that child that only gets in touch with their parents when they need money. Check-in with your customers, ask how they are doing, have a conversation, teach them something. Then when you do ask for money, they are more likely to give it to you.

Are connecting with your customers on an emotional level?

Most people buy things on an emotional level. Find out what that emotion is, and tap into it. Take a pair of sunglasses for example. The fact is that sunglasses shade your eyes from the sun. But the type of sunglasses you buy is done on an emotional level. Maybe you think they make you look cool or sporty. Maybe you buy an expensive brand to impress people. Or you buy them because they make you feel good. You will use logic to justify the sale ‘they will help my driving, or protect my eyes’ but the decision is an emotional one made at an emotional level. So make sure you are selling to the right people, and make sure you connect your product to the buyer on an emotional level.

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Who Ross is

Ross is from Zimbabwe, lived in London for 20 years and is now chasing the sun in Spain. But none of that matters. What does matter is that:

Ross spent 20 years in sales, selling large scale industrial projects, nutrition bars, mining equipment, Disneyland holidays, software, agricultural equipment and sweaty sandwiches. He has sold to banks, lawyers, engineers, foodies, marketing types, priests, governments and random strangers off the internet. In the last 10 years he has been a coach, an entrepreneur and run his own marketing agency. His most recent venture involved running sales and marketing campaigns for various small and medium-sized businesses.

After all of this, he realised that what he really loves, and has a talent for, is coaching and teaching small business owners how to get more customers. He discovered that while there are many people out there teaching how to create Facebook advertising, Instagram posts and the perfect selfie, there are far fewer people teaching what drives humans to buy things and how to harness that in any market or through any type of advertising or sales. He has decided to make this his fulltime career going forward.

He currently helps hundreds of small business owners to understand the psychology behind sales and marketing, so they can quickly learn to get new customers and retain and increase the value of the customers they already have.

He doesn’t always talk in the third person. If you catch him doing it, remind him that he isn’t that big of a deal and he should stop it immediately.

Who you are

You are a small business owner or an entrepreneur. You don´t have your own dedicated sales and marketing team. You want to make more sales and get more clients but you don’t have time to wade through tonnes of marketing guff online to try to learn how to get more clients. You want one easy to understand, simple to follow place which will help you get the results you need.

What I offer

As a many time small business owner, long time sales professional and full-time persuasionist, I will help you get to the real core of how you can tailor your message, your products or services and your communication so you will have clients demanding you sell them your products. Not only will you be able to find better leads, you will be able to turn more of those leads into buyers more quickly and keep those buyers coming back to you time after time to buy more of your products.


I have been a life coach. I have done executive coaching. I have been a sales manager and coach. I have owned my own marketing agency. I have sold products for a number of my own small businesses. I understand what works and what doesn´t. Having been a life coach, executive coach and now a Persuasionist coach, I am able to get to the heart of what is stopping you from getting your small business to where you want it to be.

Learn how to:

– Avoid discounting

– Overcome common objections

– Create compelling emails

– Sell by not selling

– Become an authority in your field

– Find quality leads

– Discover what works and what doesn’t

If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman and fellow persuasionist

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