My favourite trick to getting more customers

I recently did a coaching call with a client who wanted some help with her website. Usually, I get questions about the service that clients are offering, or how to find the right market or how to increase sales. But the first question she asked me was about font type. The next was about font colour. I asked her why she felt this was important. She said that she wanted to get new customers right away and she felt it was important therefore that she got everything exactly right. I knew straight away that she didn´t get it.  I asked her how long she had been working on her website to get it perfect. She told me that so far she had been working on it for six months. She even asked me what trick I had to help her increase her chances of getting customers when her site went live.

I coached her to go live the next day. This is my ‘big trick’ to getting more customers. Get our there and start putting your products and services in front of people. Even if she didn´t feel her website was ready the only way she would be able to work out the best font colour, if that even made a single jot of difference to her prospective clients, was to get out there and start putting it in front of people. Even if her website wasn’t 100% ready, and she was only making 50% of the money she thought she would, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. My philosophy is to keep it simple, start quick, learn and then add complexity and experiment with font colours or flashy graphics.

As Dr Seus asks, how did it get so late so soon? So what is stopping you from getting out there and launching a new product or service? What is stopping you from finishing your website, writing your blog post, starting that advertising campaign on Facebook? The planets may never align, you may never feel 100% confident but even during a global pandemic and widespread economic shutdown, if you put yourself out there, you will always be more successful than 100% of people who are waiting for themselves or their websites to be perfect.

You got this.

Using Emotion to sell things

Have a look at any advertising and you will see that advertisers are using emotion and feelings to sell products. When we see a car advert on TV, they never list all the benefits and features of the car they are selling.

Imagine an advert starting with a car in focus at a showroom. As the camera zooms out we see a sales person explaining and showing the prospective customer all the features and benefits of the car (BHP, torque, airbags, sound system, fuel economy, leg room….) Camera focuses in on prospective customer whose face shows pure bliss, then screen fades to black while the price for all the features flash across the screen. Pretty terrible and wasted advert.

We don’t buy cars because of the features. We buy them because of the way they make us feel, and we use the features to justify our purchase. That is why car companies spend so much time creating adverts depicting what kind of lifestyle you could have if only you bought their car. You could soon be adventuring, city-breaking, family-holidaying or dating-the-person-of-your-dreamsing.

What emotions do you want your customers to experience when buying your products or services? I personally sell certainty and confidence (stick with me and you will be more successful at getting more customers) and motivation and inspiration (stick with me and you will realise that you can be more successful at selling your product and services than you ever imagined). If it were a lifestyle I was selling, I would have an advert of a couple walking their dog in the woods near home, sun dappling through the trees as the dog walker tells their partner what an amazingly successful day they have had and now they have the time and money to start planning their dream second honeymoon together. And all because they took a chance on this Ross Hargreaves guy, aka The Persuasionist.

What emotions do you want your clients to feel when they buy your products, and are you using that emotion in your advertising?